Class2Class: Building Strong Connections in the Digital Classroom

In today’s educational landscape, the traditional boundaries of classrooms are rapidly dissolving. More and more teachers are embracing the idea of collaborating with other classes around the globe. In this interconnected world, having a reliable platform for collaboration is not just convenient—it’s necessary for fostering meaningful connections and enriching educational experiences. Recently, I had the privilege of attending the launching session of the new Class2Class platform online, and I’m excited to share my insights with you.

Class2Class As Virtual Classroom Extension

Class2Class isn’t merely a website; it’s a dynamic ecosystem where educators and students converge to learn, collaborate, and grow. Giancarlo Mena, the CEO of Class2Class, aptly describes it as a common framework designed to facilitate collaboration and foster education for sustainable development.

At its core, Class2Class serves as a virtual extension of the traditional classroom, enabling seamless communication, content delivery, and interaction in an online environment. Let’s explore the key features of Class2Class.



  1. Intuitive UI/UX: Class2Class boasts an intuitive user interface, making navigation seamless and user-friendly. The platform’s design is simple yet effective, ensuring educators and students can easily access its features.
  2. In-App Tutor: One of the standout features of Class2Class is its in-app tutor, which provides support and guidance to users as they navigate the platform.
  3. Learning Journey Progress: Class2Class allows users to track their progress in the learning journey. The four levels are designed to inspire your students to connect, collaborate, create, and contribute alongside classrooms across the globe.
  4. Chat Messaging: Communication is key to effective collaboration, and Class2Class’s chat messaging feature facilitates seamless communication between educators and students. Whether sharing ideas, asking questions, or providing feedback, the chat messaging feature keeps the conversation flowing. 
  5. Matching Teachers Algorithm: To facilitate meaningful collaborations, Class2Class employs a matching teachers algorithm, connecting educators with similar interests, goals, and time zones.
  6. Time Zone Difference: With users spanning different time zones, Class2Class recognizes the importance of accommodating varying schedules. The platform’s hours difference feature ensures that users can schedule meetings and collaborations at times that are convenient for all parties involved, overcoming the logistical challenges of global collaboration.
  7. Class Creation and Invitation: Class2Class makes it easy for educators to create classes and invite students to join. Whether a Level 1 or a Level 4 collaborative project involving multiple classes and teachers, the platform provides the tools to set up and manage classes quickly.
  8. Resources Page: The platform also features a dedicated resources page where educators can access various educational materials, including lesson plans, worksheets, and multimedia resources. This curated collection of resources is valuable for educators looking to enhance their teaching practice and engage their students meaningfully.
  9. Project Showcase Page:  The Inspire page celebrates the hard work and innovation of Class2Class users. It features impressive projects worldwide, inspiring others to embark on their educational journeys.
  10. Support Page: Recognizing the importance of providing ongoing support to its users, it offers a dedicated support page where educators and students can find answers to common questions, access tutorials and guides, and seek assistance from the platform’s support team. It also has a very active WhatsApp community where you can ask directly the support team and get prompt answers.

Creating a User Accounts

Getting started on Class2Class is as simple as creating a user account. With just a few clicks, educators and students can sign up and gain access to a world of collaborative learning opportunities. By providing basic information such as email and setting up a profile, users can personalize their Class2Class experience and start connecting with peers from around the globe.

Support to Users

Class2Class conducts teacher meetups every twice a month to provide synchronous networking to its users and to learn more about maximizing the use of Class2Class in creating a borderless classroom.

I created two Level 4 project collaborations in Class2Class with Coding4Climate and the Climate Action Project with Korean and Taiwanese classrooms. I’ll make a separate post about my experience using the platform soon.


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