WordCamp Davao 2019

WordCamp 2019

I am very lucky to have attended the ever first WordCamp held in Davao City. WordCamp is a gathering of WordPress users and enthusiast.

WordCamp Davao 2019 schedule was jammed packed and filled with lots of activities for starters and developers as well. I was impressed with how it was organized – from registration to the session break-outs. The session speakers were experts and specializes in their field.

My Takeaways

I had many takeaways for the whole day of WordCamp Davao. As a WordPress user and developer, search engine optimization (SEO) of your website is one top priority along with site security. Mr. Rumejan Barbarona of Yoast made an excellent presentation on SEO as well as Mr. Lax Mariappan, Eternus Global, on website plug-in security. Another favorite session was monetizing and driving traffic from your website by Rica Janet Gadi of
New Options Worldwide (NOW) Outsourcing Services. She enumerated different ways on how to earn from your WordPress site. Further, she also presented the potentials of social media for monetization and product marketing.

WordCamp Bloggers

Expanding Professional Network

What I like about tech camps and any conferences is networking. WordCamp is like no other. I have met passionate WordPress users, freelancers, programmers and developers, and bloggers including marketers. During the Tribe Meetup session, I was able to meet like-minded individuals and network with each other. I also gained new friends in the industry.

Freebies were plenty! I got stickers, bar pins, tags, and a shirt from different product sponsors. Moreover, It was awesome to meet some prime movers and WordPress ninjas during the conference. Known bloggers Ria Jose (riajose.com)and WordPress ninja Andrew Dela Serna were also part of the line-up speakers.

Upcoming WordCamps

WordCamp Ilo-Ilo and WordCamp Asia were announced in the last part of the conference. WordCamp Ilo-ilo will be this August 24-25 at Ilo-ilo Convention Center while Thailand will be the venue of WordCamp Asia first quarter of next year.

It was truly an amazing experience. I am looking forward for meet-ups and other WordPress related activities anytime soon.


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2 Responses

  1. Marie says:

    Thank you for joining WordCamp Davao 2019!😊

  2. Thanks for attending the WordCamp Davao, and documenting it nicely 🙂

    See you at the next event.

    I was in the SEO tribe during the break and my talk was about plugins 😛 Sorry I missed to say hello to you at the venue.

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