Become A Microsoft Innovative Educator in 3 Steps

Looking for a continuing professional development that will boost your skills and career? Start your journey now! Become one of the Certified Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIE) around the world.

Microsoft provides free professional development for educators through the Microsoft Innovative Educator Program. Yes! You heard it right, it’s FREE!

MIEs use Microsoft tools in the classroom and have learned the fundamentals of applying technology in education. This is the first step on an exciting journey of joining a professional network of enthusiastic educators who come together to learn, share, and grow. 

For you to become a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator follow these 3 simple steps:


Create an account in Microsoft Educator Community. You need to have a Microsoft account or Office 365 account for you to register. If you don’t have both accounts go to this link and sign-up for a new email address. Use your created Microsoft email address in signing-up in the Microsoft Educator Community.


Update and complete your profile. Fill out all the required information and personalize your experience. Add a profile picture, skills, and interest. Also, don’t’ forget to write something in the About Me section or better add your story using Sway, you will earn 50 additional points. By completing your profile you can then earn 200 points.

You will receive points by doing different activities like taking a course, participating in Skype, sharing a resource, rating others or just commenting. To become a Microsoft Innovative Educator,
you need 1,000 points . The easiest way to earn points is the next step.

STEP 3. 

Take a course. Choose your own learning paths, there are many. Don’t be overwhelmed. I would suggest to do the beginner level first then progress to a higher level one at a time. You’ll receive points, badges, and certificates if you can finish a course.

That’s it! But wait, here’s more.

Are you a school admin and wanted to have a face to face, onsite, training for your teachers? I can give training focusing on educational technology tools and resources educators can leverage to empower 21stCentury learning environments in their classrooms. If your interested, you can reach me here.

And don’t forget to write your comments below if you have questions.


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